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Haruchika Ishii

Haruchika Ishii

Senior Research Scientist
Toshiba Co.,Ltd.

Mar. 1999              Master of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Professional Experience:
Apr. 1999              Lithium-ion battery researcher., Toshiba Co. Corporate Research & Development Center
Oct. 2008              2.9Ah SCiB product leader in Saku operation
Mar. 2010              20Ah SCiB product leader in Saku operation
Apr. 2011              Product engineering leader in Kashiwazaki operation
From Jun. 2015    Technical Sales and Customer Application Support in HQ
Toshiba Co.,Ltd.

About Toshiba Co.,Ltd.

Toshiba Corporation is one of the largest electric products manufacturer in the world. It has released numerous World-first and Japan-first products and services since it was founded in 1875. Among these innovative technologies, Toshiba Corporation released SCiBTM Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery technology. By using LTO(Lithium Titanium Oxide), it has remarkable features like Long Life, Safety, Rapid Charging etc. SCiBTM has been widely used for vehicle, industrial and infrastructure applications.

Toshiba(China)Co.,Ltd has been supporting to explore and develop Toshiba Corporation and Toshiba Group business activity in China. China market has been expanding and becoming most important business area. Toshiba(China)Co.,Ltd. is aiming business success with professional staff in this dynamic China market.

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