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Mok Wai Chuen

Mok Wai Chuen

Assistant Director (Air Policy)
Environmental Protection Department

After graduation with a Mechanical Engineering degree, Mr Mok worked in the electric power industry for about six years before joining the Environmental Protection Department of the Hong Kong Government as an Environmental Protection Officer. Before taking up the current post of Assistant Director of Environmental Protection (Air Policy), he worked in different air quality areas including air dispersion modelling, air pollutant emission control, etc. He is now responsible for the formulation and implementation of air quality management policy. Promoting the use of electric vehicles is an important part of his responsibilities.
Environmental Protection Department (EPD)

About Environmental Protection Department (EPD)

The EPD is responsible for developing policies covering environmental protection & nature conservation; enforcing environmental legislation; monitoring environmental quality; providing collection, transfer, treatment and disposal facilities for many types of waste; advising on the environmental implications of town planning and new policies; handling pollution complaints and incidents; and raising awareness and support in the community for environmental initiatives.

These responsibilities are spread across six programme areas - Air Programme, Nature Conservation Programme, Noise Programme, Waste Programme and Water Programme.

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