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Shane Ohlin

Shane Ohlin

Driverless Planet

Shane is a technology consultant with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He has a broad range of technical expertise and has been one of the early proponents of autonomous and connected vehicle adoption via his blog.

Shane recently completed a significant piece of commercial research on driverless car implications for a large NZ-based infrastructure investor and is part of the consortium undertaking funded research for NZTA looking at NZ’s technical readiness for driverless vehicles.

Shane has also worked alongside the team at Sensing City, Christchurch, NZ – an organisation dedicated to the idea of Smart Cities and focused on how smart sensor technology is colliding with the transport & energy sectors in cities.

Shane follows international developments in autonomous vehicles closely and has established a range of relationships both domestically and internationally which assist him in developing the widest possible perspective on driverless cars and their associated societal impacts & commercial opportunities. Shane has also had direct accountability for some of the largest technology projects undertaken in New Zealand, including the $350m Spark NZ Transformation programme of works (2010), in his role as the Chief Information Officer of Spark’s Retail division.

About Driverless Planet

Driverless Planet is a blog site ( established by Shane Ohlin in early 2015. The site provides a focal point for those interested in driverless technology and helps to publicise and promote current ideas. The mission of Driverless Planet is to accelerate and guide the adoption of driverless technology - to better people’s lives and improve our environment. As well as providing an online forum, the site helps to bring together parties interested in creating a strategic vision that helps entrepreneurs and policy makers better develop their thinking. This should lead to better designed cities, laws and products/services to address emerging opportunities.

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